We are thrilled to share the roadmap that charts Navelink’s course for 2024.

This roadmap is not only a set of goals but also a commitment to innovation, enhanced services, and staying at the forefront of maritime technology. Let us outline the key milestones that will shape Navelink’s trajectory in 2024. 


Supporting New Service Specifications and Designs: 

In 2024, Navelink provides even more robust support for new service specifications and designs. Our goal is that our users can seamlessly integrate the latest advancements in maritime services. 


Increasing VDES Support: 

As the maritime communication landscape evolves, Navelink is gearing up to enhance our support for VDES (VHF Data Exchange System), a critical component in modern maritime communication. We aim to improve data exchange efficiency and foster a more connected maritime ecosystem. 


Introducing MMS Support: 

Navelink recognizes the importance of Maritime Messaging Service (MMS) in streamlining communication and information flow. In 2024, we are planning an integration of MMS support, first for DEV and TEST. When the standards are approved, we will continue with implementing it in the PROD environment. This will further empower our users to manage and mark messages efficiently. 


Increasing SECOM Compliance: 

SECOM (Secure Communication Between Ship and Shore) is a cornerstone of Navelink’s offerings. In the coming year, we are not only maintaining but elevating our standards. Increased SECOM compliance ensures both that we achieve interoperability and makes sure our users experience the highest levels of security and trust in their digital communications.  


Adding SECOM Hotel: 

As part of our commitment to comprehensive SECOM services, Navelink is introducing SECOM Hotel. This addition provides a secure and interoperable base of services for users to easily expose a SECOM compliant interface for secure exchange of information.  


Incorporating MRR Usage: 

In 2024, Navelink is embracing the utilization of Maritime Resource Registry (MRR). This incorporation not only aligns with industry standards but also enhances our platform’s capability to efficiently manage and access vital maritime resources. 

As we move into 2024, Navelink remains committed to innovation, security, and excellence in maritime digital communication. Our roadmap reflects not just a list of features but a plan to deliver solutions that elevate the standards of digital interaction in the maritime domain. Join us on this exciting journey, as together we navigate the future of maritime connectivity. 


Author: Milena Dalinaros