During Navelink’s recently held Developer Forum, we discussed our latest updates and our work on the SECOM hotel. Mikael Olofsson gave a thorough presentation about the use of SECOM services. Here is a summary of the highlights from this meeting: 


Recent Progress: 

There is ongoing work on the creation of the SECOM Hotel, a pivotal step towards enhancing service infrastructure. 

Navelink has had a successful implementation of MIR v.1.2.2 to PROD, ensuring operational efficiency and reliability. 


Future Initiatives: 

Navelink is finalizing the SECOM Hotel, with plans for implementation and availability on DEV and TEST in March. 

There are discussions around separating the Service Registry to accommodate instances, with design and specifications potentially hosted by a Maritime Resource Registry (MRR). This topic is likely to be addressed at an upcoming meeting IALA DTEC02 in Paris this spring. 


Presentation About the SECOM Hotel: 

Mikael Olofsson, Head of Concept and Chief Architect at Navelink, shared valuable insights and lessons learned from the creation of the SECOM Service hotel. The presentation focused on the SECOM Rest service, highlighting its architectural design and operational capabilities. Notable features include the ability to pull and push data, request access, and verify data integrity through cryptographic signatures. The SECOM Hotel prioritizes security, ensuring trustworthiness in data transmission and reception. 


Looking Ahead: 

As Navelink continues to innovate and optimize its services, these discussions pave the way for a more efficient and secure maritime technology ecosystem.  

For additional information and examples, feel free to reach out to Navelink at info@navelink.org. 

The next Developer Forum will be held on April 25, 2024. Until then, stay tuned for more updates on our journey of digital transformation. 


Author: Milena Dalinaros