Navelink recently had the privilege of attending the IALA DTEC 2 meeting in Saint Germain, just outside Paris, amidst the vibrant bloom of magnolia trees. This gathering proved to be an invaluable opportunity for engaging discussions and insightful exchanges regarding the progress and advancements within the maritime domain. Here are the key takeaways from the meeting: 


MCP Service Provider Discussions: 

Despite the fact that IALA has no operational role within the maritime domain, the meeting saw a lot of discussions about the importance of an MCP Service Provider, focusing on the significance of an MCP Service Provider within the operational framework of maritime services. It was widely acknowledged that the role of an MCP service provider is indispensable for the smooth functioning of operations. Currently, Navelink stands as the sole operational MCP Service Provider. 


MCP Functionality: 

Conversations underscored the critical role of Maritime Connectivity Platform (MCP) as a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) instance, facilitating the issuance of certificates. The deliberations revolved around scenarios where MCP is used for providing certificate provisioning versus other entities such as IHO. The consensus emphasized the essential existence and functionality of both MCP and MCP Service Providers in the maritime domain. 


MMS Advancements: 

A demonstration on Maritime Messaging Service (MMS) functionality over VDES was given to the attendees. Navelink is committed to supporting MMS and offering related services, with one of the roadmap milestones being to provide an MMS router. Currently engaged in an MCC working group, we are actively following the specification development for MMS routers. Once finalized and standardized by RTCM, our focus will shift towards operationalizing the MMS router. 


SECOM Developments: 

Ongoing prototyping, service designs, and implementation efforts based on the SECOM standard were discussed. The integration of SECOM into ship-related security frameworks remained a prominent topic, reflecting the industry’s evolving security demands. 


Navelink extends heartfelt appreciation to IALA for hosting this enriching meeting, providing a platform for real-life interactions, discussions, and invaluable insights. 


Author: Milena Dalinaros